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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Final Reflection

EDM 310, it has been a pleasure!

Group Collaboration

The Geek Squad

     It took us a long time to decide on what we were going to do for our group project. We were able to communicate through text messages, email, and Google Docs. With our busy schedules, we were able to meet only a few times in person, but were able to chat a lot through Google Docs and texts. Google Hangout is something that I had not used before- so I set up a group with my group members, but we were not able to chat due to conflicting schedules. We were excited about making a Prezi, this was an application that we were not familiar with. We hope that you like our final project!

Prezi logo

Project #16, Final

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Revised Post #12- (My answers)
---The assignment I created---

As a future Health Education teacher, do you think that this video promotes the importance of Health in everyday life? I believe that this video promotes the importance of Health in everyday life because Health really actually is a part of life. We have to make Health decisions everyday, and the way we take care of our bodies is essential to our well-being.

Taylor also talks about how we should incorporate Health in all subjects. Do you agree or disagree? As a Health Education major, I do agree that we should incorporate Health in all subjects. Whether we are talking about nutrition, hygiene, anatomy, or anything else- students should be reminded of how important Health is.

2.) Do you agree with Taylor on the issue of adults needing to be a good example? Why or why not? I agree. I think that adults have a great influence in children and other adults. A family where the mom and dad eat healthy sets a good example for the children, and the children going to school with healthy lunches makes a great witness to other students. It is a chain effect.
Project #15

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Blog Post #13

Engaging in an E-Media Fast-
Harder than I thought it would be...

For this assignment, I was not able to use any kind of technology for 24 hours. I was able to cheat a bit, because part of my job in the afternoons is to answer phones and requires me to work on a computer. So.....Ironically, at home this assignment was fairly easy. The day before I started this activity, my house was broken into. The thieve(s) stole everything from TVs to golf clubs. This left me going to a house without any technology per say. This starts my story.... here we go....

Left only with a cell phone, I turned it off and started my day. As I was driving to school, I wondered if my husband was trying to tell me something important, or of he was sending me sweet texts throughout the morning..ha. However, I did tell him that I would be turning my phone off today, so he knew the game plan. I did keep my cell phone with me just in case I had an emergency. Throughout the day I was proud that I did not use my cell phone.

The break-in of my home did make this activity very easy, I had time to read and clean the house, and I had a very nice time! I guess you could say that I had a lot of help from the burglars that raided my home.. ha ha. You really do have to find humor in life- I do. Throughout this activity, I was able to see many things. #1- Material things are not everything, but we really do depend on technology for many things. #2- I would get frustrated when I could not call anyone on my cell phone. #3- I see that sometimes we need to relax and enjoy the bare necessities of life. I can't help but to think of the song............

When I think about my students and how they have grown up with technology all around them, I can see where they would get frustrated in a classroom without technology. I know that students (including myself) always have the urge to text in class, and that is only natural- since we text practically all day. I plan to incorporate technology into my classroom, and use it to the benefit of the students- but not worship it.

Final Report on my PLN

After developing an on-going Personal Learning Network, I am excited about how beneficial this will be in my career as a student, and as an educator. As a Health Education major, I have compiled all of my resources into a category called Health and Physical Education. While Comprising a list and resources of past and current educators and websites, I have a resource list that can very easily be contacted.


Email, Facebook, and Twitter are the main contact resources for the people that make up my PLN. Searching for these resources has not been easy, but I know where to find most of these people (in person). I decided to make my PLN a "community" network- comprised of people that are working and living here in Mobile. I believe that this will allow me to collaborate with others that are in the area.

Specific titles of people who make up my Health PLN are:

* My past Physical Education teachers: Elementary, Middle, and High School.
* My past dance teachers: From 2 studios here in Mobile.
* Current dance teacher/professor here at USA
* Professors here at USA in the health/PE dept.
* Physical and Occupational Therapists at the Orthopaedic Group here in Mobile.
* Many cheerleading coaches/dance coaches teaching in MCPSS.
* Many  Athletic Trainers in MCPSS.